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Corrilit product information

  • Corrilit countertops are an exclusive composite material that exudes quality and strength.
  • Corrilit can be "tailored" to suit any purpose.
  • Corrilit is produced with a full integrated sink in the same colour as the countertop.
  • In most cases Corrilit is made without seams; but for large tasks it is possible for a qualified professional to assemble it on site with an almost invisible seam.

Corrilit has a completely closed surface, making it very easy to clean.

About Corrilit countertops

Since it is a 100% handmade product as close to nature as possible, there may be slight differences in the colours.

For a short time Corrilit countertops can smell slightly of the protective waxing surface they receive. Do not cut directly on the table top as this could create minor scratches in Corrilit. Glossy surfaces are more susceptible to scratches than silk matte.

With extra care, your countertop/sink will last a lifetime.

Shiny surfaces may develop a "flicker" in the surface.

NOTE! Everything can be seen more easily on a dark countertop.

Material description

Corrilit is produced in 2/3 composite and 1/3 mineral composite/fibre. There is no wood in Corrilit, so it can be used both indoors and out.

Corrilit tolerates both frost and direct sunlight. The colour may change slightly over time.

Daily cleaning

Resistant to all kinds of liquid detergents. (without a scouring agent for shiny surfaces)

Bleach diluted 1/10 can remove any stains in the sink such as tea, coffee and beetroot.


ALWAYS REMEMBER to turn on the hot tap before putting boiling water into the sink. If you fail to do so, cracks may form in the sink.

Always use trivets or the like with pots, pans, etc. because they can exceed the thermal limit and make marks on the countertop.

For accidents

If your Corrilit countertop/sink is damaged by a heavy/pointed object, etc. so that the surface is broken/damaged, this can be repaired by a Corrilit fitter so it is barely visible.

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