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The history of BN Products

BN Products is a family owned business that has been manufacturing fibreglass products over the last 30 years for municipalities, county councils, housing associations, institutions and hospitals. We also sell to private.

First came products for the auto industry, waste disposal and recycling and later large-scale production began in fibreglass and countertops for kitchens, baths and the laboratory industry, including production of solid-cast sink/countertops in artificial marble and integrated kitchen worktops without seams - the so-called Correlit countertop.

BN Products currently focuses on the production, development and sales of customised "Corrilit" countertops and sinks for kitchens and baths, as well as institutions and laboratories. All products are sold directly to both private and commercial customers.

Within the last year we have also developed customised complete walls with moulded insulation and electricity for swimming pools, as well as sports, fitness and exercise centres, among others.

Our latest development is insulated cladding panels for houses, etc. These can be used both indoors and out.

Corrilit products are characterised by an entirely unique strength as they were originally developed for professional kitchens and laboratories, etc.

The products have been tested in kitchens over the last five years via large deliveries to hospitals, housing associations and other new buildings.

In 2014 we obtained patent PR177789 for our product and became approved by quality test SEFA 8 from the Danish Technological Institute in Århus.

BN Products would like to be known as a reliable partner that will grow and develop through people and attitudes, standing together behind a unique product.


Director Bose Nielsen

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